The way we work

  • Responsibly: In addition to finding the right candidates for the client, our professional responsibility involves our responsibility towards candidates: while protecting the privacy of their personal data, we give them in-depth and appropriate information on the client, the position, conditions and other circumstances.
  • Successfully: We find it especially motivating if our client asks us to search out special expertise or competence. If special expectations arise, we are able to find the professional that fits the organisation and the manager the most. Throughout the 20 years of our operation we have managed to keep up 100% success rate.
  • Professionally: We pay close attention to understand the special needs of our clients and perform our services with up-to-date solutions accordingly. We act on behalf of our clients in the recruitment process as if it was them who meet the candidate in the first round. In this way we build the employer brand of their company.

Our services


Through our recruitment-selection service we would like to achieve that:

  • our client and the most suitable candidate find each other as soon as possible,
  • the goals and interests of the employer and the selected employee coincide in the long-term; our candidate should have potentials and ambition for development, our client should offer opportunity for personal development and assist development for the selected professional,
  • everyone involved in the recruitment-selection process - including our client, our candidates and our staff - should achieve the objectives in harmonious cooperation and all should be satisfied with the process and the outcome.

Our experienced consultants support the clients’ works with the following activities:

  • preparing job descriptions and job profiles
  • developing recruitment strategies and guidelines
  • planning and auditing the recruitment-selection process (employer brand protection)
  • induction programs for new staff (induction day, coaching etc.)
  • labour (law) consultancy relevant to employment
  • interview techniques training to managers and HR staff
  • recommending employees from our outplacement database free of charge

What makes us unique

  • Our experienced, professionally well-prepared consultants are committed to the quality of the work they spend on the accomplishment of tasks.
  • We make every endeavour to get to know the company and the sphere of duties and understand the position to be filled, we compile a detailed and meticulous profile.
  • We are simultaneously both the representative of the employer and the coach of the candidate.
  • We ensure that the selection process is always a positive experience for candidates.
  • We are flexible and pro-active.
  • We keep track of the quality of selection, monitoring the satisfaction of the employer and the selected employee during the trial period.

Some of our successful projects

1. Complete shifts for a green field investment in the automotive industry

Our client, a multinational supplier active in the car industry started its operation in Hungary as a green field investment. Our client looked for manpower necessary for entire shifts farther from Budapest, in an area stricken with hard local labour market circumstances at short notice. In addition to recruitment and selection for operator positions, the employer requested career aptitude tests so that staff capable of doing quality work in the long term could be found.

Result: Within the company that later employed a headcount of 250 employees, the lowest fluctuation rate could be measured within the group of employees selected by KOZÁK HR.

2. Candidates with the potential to grow for an FMCG multinational

One of our client, a multinational active in FMCG sector expressed its need for candidates with potential for carrier development as an expectation in the course of recruitment for white collar positions. In the course of engagements the client did not only seek a staff member suitable for the given scope of tasks, but also capable of personal development.

Result: 100 % success rate and continued cooperation.

3. Staff member whose personality fits the manager, starting work immediately

Our returning multinational client needed to find immediate replacement for the assistant of the managing director all of a sudden. In such and similar positions, in addition to professional competence we pay a lot of attention to the compatibility of personalities.

Result: In this case successful search and selection is expected, although it may look unfeasible in the beginning at such short notice. Nevertheless both sides have been content ever since.

Who are we?

  • since 1997 professional, reliable and successful assistants of our long-standing and new clients;
  • consultants with several decades’ experience in talent acquisition and selection; and
  • we are engaged professionals in forming and developing techniques and methods that warrant the success of future cooperation.

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